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Contact Person

Sandra Maria Pichler

ScubaPOIs is an FFG-funded project on underwater navigation. This type of navigation is very challenging and often risky for divers. The ScubaPOIs research project, thus, is designing a sustainable navigation system based on the study ScubaNav. Electromagnetic signals and buoys (supported by a global navigation satellite system - GNSS) are used. That way, divers should be able to get the most reliable position information possible and find POIs (Points of Interest). The goal is to achieve product maturity and commercialize the system via the industrial partners involved.

Focus and research questions:

  • Examination of water temperature, salinity etc. for positioning or navigation
  • Positioning of the buoys
  • Further development of the GNSS positioning component into underwater navigation
  • Evaluating underwater GIS concepts from a stakeholder perspective
  • Identification of position data using remote sensing
  • Impact of the planned data transfers on wildlife

Together with 1st-Relief, DCNA initially focuses on an in-depth gap analysis, as well as a definition of use cases in ​​aquatic ecology and the associated user requirements. The second half of the project focuses on the evaluation of the system concept and a workshop.

The project is funded by the Austrian Space Applications Programme ASAP of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation & Technology.

Project partners:
- pentamap GmbH (project coordinator)
- 1st-Relief GmbH
- ARGE Tauchen Austria (official LoI partner)
- Federal Ministry of Defense
- Austrian Center for Research Diving
- Oxygen Scientific GmbH
- Technische Universität Graz (Institute of Geodesy)