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Jasmina Schmidt

COVALEX (Community of Valued Experts in Hydrometeorological and Technological Multi-Hazards) is an EU-funded project that aims to create a community of experts in hydrometeorological and technological hazards. Hydrometeorological hazards include thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, droughts, hot and cold spells etc. These hazards can, in turn, cause secondary hazards such as landslides and wildfires. Besides that, they can cause technological risks – e.g., heavy snowfall leading to prolonged power outages.

The goal of COVALEX is to bundle and make use of different experiences, geographical locations, and networks, and to promote prevention, preparation and testing processes. The project brings together key stakeholders involved in risk and disaster governance: academics, practitioners and policy makers. It creates a network that works together in a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral manner and applies scientific knowledge to disaster risk management.

Specifically, COVALEX aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Expand the existing knowledge network and form a thematic COVALEX network that collects, exchanges, and disseminates knowledge, skills and applicable solutions
  • Develop scenario-based capacity building activities and apply scientific knowledge related to specific risks of hydro-meteorological and technological multi-hazard catastrophe risks
  • Provide a “Resilient LibLab” – a platform containing relevant publications and digital solutions
  • Provide general guidelines as well as planning tools, action plans, assessment reports and other analytical products

Representatives of civil protection authorities of all levels, first responders, crisis management practitioners and researchers working on hydrometeorological and technological multi-hazards are invited to join the initiatives of the COVALEX network.


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