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Technical University of Crete




European Commission

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Christina Rechberger

Emergency management and critical action planning call for timely and accurate decision making in several, diverse applications with the goal to optimize economic, societal, or environmental impacts. Weather and health emergencies and maritime applications collect live streams of extreme scale data that reach high speeds and volumes and possess highly volatile statistical properties, incorporating uncertainties and diverse modalities through a multitude of sources.

CREXDATA will develop a generic platform for real-time critical situation management including flexible action planning and agile decision making over streaming data of extreme scale and complexity. The project will develop the algorithmic apparatus, software architectures and tools for federated predictive analytics and forecasting under uncertainty. The envisioned framework boosts proactive decision making providing highly accurate and transparent short- and long-term forecasts, explainable via advanced visual analytics and accurate, real-time, augmented reality facilities.

To achieve its vision, CREXDATA will develop a next generation Prediction-as-a-Service (PaaS) system where action planners will easily register their multimodal data stream sources and compute resource federations and graphically design predictive analytics workflows. The CREXDATA architecture will incorporate 10 exploitable assets based on cutting edge research, which will significantly outperform the current state of practice in respective fields.

Three use cases will be used to evaluate project results. These use cases include:

  • Maritime domain, for forecasting hazardous situations at sea.
  • Weather emergency management, to allow authorities and first responders proactively act in the case of natural disastersnatural.
  • Health crisis management, to limit pandemic outbreaks and come up with non-pharmaceutical means of patient treatment.


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