Disaster Research Days 2021

Science and research play an essential role in preventing disasters and building resilient systems. The transfer of scientific knowledge into practice, as well as the joint discourse with representatives of experts from authorities, emergency organizations and business are crucial in order to be as prepared as possible for challenges in the prevention and management of disasters.

The Disaster Research Days 2021 support this dialogue and the networking between the individual scientific disciplines and departments in disaster management.

The conference took place from October 12-21, 2021, as a webinar series.

Conference Program

The webinar series extended over two weeks, with a focus topic each day. The sessions lasted from 14:30 to 16:00 (Plenar sessions) and from 16:00 to 17:00 (Networking sessions). Each of the individual webinar days was scientifically organized and directed by a group of experts. WebEx was used as a conference tool for the plenary sessions and wonder.me for the networking sessions. The program of the Disaster Research Days 2021 can be downloaded here as a PDF.

Conference Proceedings

The DRD21 proceedings with all abstracts and full papers is available for download here >

DRD22 - 12-14 October 2022

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