DCNA has a new member!

by Johanna Zweiger

We are pleased to announce that the Johanniter Research & Innovation Centre has joined DCNA as an associate member. JOAFG is part of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Austria and aims to provide health related knowledge to the general public (First Aid Training) as well as training and education for medical professionals in care and emergency medical services. It is one of the leading research institutions for safety research.

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe was founded in Austria in 1974 to offer professional emergency care while following and preserving the principles of a Christian organization and care provider. Since 2012, the Johanniter have had their own research facility which is actively involved in regional and international projects. The focus is on health and safety research. The JOAFG team consists of experts in the fields of communication, social sciences, socioeconomics, public health, nursing sciences, gender studies, behavioral biology, and risk management, amongst others.

The most important research fields of the JOAFG in the field of health research are:

  • Care and care processes,
  • Development of innovative technologies (e.g., Ambient Assisted Living, care management systems),
  • Impact of health interventions on age-related decline,
  • Pandemic management.

The most important research fields of the JOAFG in the field of security research are:

  • Disaster relief and management,
  • Security and equipment,
  • Evacuations,
  • Training and education.

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