Sensor tests at Zentrum am Berg

by Isabel Anger

Tests in the course of the RoboMOLE and RoboNav projects

On July 6th, 2021, various sensor tests took place in the research center of the Montan University Leoben "Zentrum am Berg" on Erzberg in Styria as part of the RoboMOLE and RoboNav projects:

The robot navigation was checked and optimized in the outside area, inside the tunnel the orientation in space was tested by means of the various sensors. In the underground facility, sensor tests were carried out under cold smoke and hot smoke conditions.

Participating partners:

  • DCNA
  • TU Graz Geodesy
  • AIT
  • CBRN Protection
  • JR-digital
  • TU Graz Institute for Software Technology
  • Professional fire brigade Graz
  • Professional fire brigade Linz

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