Susanna Wernhart

Dipl.-Ing. Susanna Wernhart

Susanna Wernhart has been working in the field of natural hazard research since 2013 in a wide variety of national and international research projects and as a lecturer at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, at the Institute for Alpine Natural Hazards. She studied environmental and bioresource management and a master's degree in Alpine natural hazards and torrent and avalanche control.

Her professional background includes the prevention, management and documentation of natural hazard events, with a focus on target group-specific risk communication / vulnerable groups, self-precaution and building protection, flood risk assessments and 2D simulations.

She has been involved in the women's network we4DRR - women exchange for Disaster Risk Reduction for women in natural hazard management since its founding and was profiled as FEMtech expert of the month for June in 2022. Since she was a student, she has enjoyed formats such as the Children's University, Long Night of Research and as a mentor for first-semester students.

At DCNA, she deals with challenges and risks before, during and after natural hazard events or disasters. She is interested in networking different disciplines and people in the areas of natural hazards and climate change. As a research assistant, she assesses the needs of end users in the area of ​​risk and hazard analysis with a focus on floods and disaster protection and accompanies and promotes the transfer of knowledge between research and practice as coordinator of the flood working group. She makes this expertise available in crisis and risk communication workshops at regional and local levels.

She has been a DCNA employee since 2021 and is currently active in the BORIS2, GAIA, COLLARIS and VULKANO projects.



Office Vienna: Universität für Bodenkultur Wien I Schwackhöferhaus, 3. Stock |  Peter-Jordan-Straße 82 | A-1190 Wien