Project Management

University of Graz, Institute for Biology


01.12.2023 - 30.11.2025



Contact person

Laura Essl

The aim of this project is to develop a system to mechanically combat introduced stink bugs (the southern green stink bug and the brown marmorated stink bug). These bugs cause great damage, especially in fruit farming, making up to 200 types of fruit (mostly apples and pears) inedible and unsellable. As of today, no chemical pesticide against these pests has been approved. The project exploits the behaviour of the bugs: They reflexively drop to the ground when exposed to strong vibrations. The idea is for a robot to transport a drone close to the infested fruit trees which then induces strong vibrations to cause the bugs to fall to the ground. From there the robot can collect the bugs.

Within the project, DCNA is primarily responsible for checking the requirements potential users have for the system and - once it is in operation - to what extent it is accepted by them (using surveys). DCNA also supports the dissemination and exploitation efforts of the project.

Project partners:

  • University of Graz, Institute of Biology (project management)
  • AIR6 Systems GmbH
  • Freidl Strategie Beratung Mediation e.U.
  • greenhive GmbH
  • Landeskammer für Land- und Forstwirtschaft Steiermark (potential user)
  • Technical University of Graz, Institute of Software Technology (IST)


The project is funded by the KIRAS research program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.